Packing Services

The business has grown and prospered over the years due to our commitment to 100_9598
excellence. At first, we were established as just a grower. In 1986 we started grading and packing our own onions. In 1991, our first washing, grading, and packing facility for potatoes was built. In 2003, we renovated the potato facility for onion use and built an additional 40,000 SF building to house our modern potato area. Both facilities have adjacent common storage for our produce. We can store up to 75,000 cwt onions and 150,000 cwt potatoes. In 2013 we added refrigeration to our potato storage area.

Our produce is sold to various outlets including retail stores, restaurants, grocery warehouses, produce wholesalers and food processors. We pack in several size mesh, poly and paper bags as well as 2000lb. totes for potatoes. We can supply our own label or provide the customer’s private label. Year round packing is available for potatoes and onions, sourcing from all growing areas throughout the U.S. During the months of May through September, watermelons are available at our facility.


Trucking available. Mixed manifest loads upon request.


100_1188 Williams Farms, LLC strives to provide the best quality produce to our customers in a timely and reliable manner. The muck soil in our area allows for a larger and cleaner yield. Muck grown potatoes and onions are usually freer from stones and grit than those grown on upland. The muck soil also provides a more uniform water supply through the use of drainage ditches. Careful consideration is taken with all pesticide application. All operators are required to have certification and updated yearly training. Crops are farmed on a rotation basis to reduce disease and further increase yield. We pay special attention to our grading, washing and packing procedures. Onions are both field graded and line graded. All our potatoes are double washed. Food safety is very important to us and we faithfully follow GAP (Good Agricultural Practices). We have developed product traceability procedures and keep accurate records. We are required to have yearly audits. Trees are trimmed regularly in our orchards and much caution is taken during apple harvest to prevent bruising.

Williams Farms, LLC currently employs ten full-time employees and gains additional 15-20 seasonal workers throughout the year for tree trimming, weeding and fall harvest.